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Air Quality Monitoring

Bradfield Environmental Services, Inc. can sample for a variety of organic compounds, mold, bacteria, and pathogenic organisms to quickly and economically evaluate indoor air quality, vent and stack gases, process emissions, and odor or employee complaints. Results are documented in a detailed report that will solve your air quality problems.

We also provide consulting services to evaluate and improve indoor air quality (IAQ). Arthur Bradfield is a Certified Indoor Environmentalist by the Indoor Air Quality Association. Services include on-site consultation and comprehensive sampling services.

Air samples can be analyzed for more than 250 volatile organic compounds (VOC?s) at low detection levels to positively identify contaminants. Concentrations of hazardous chemicals can then be compared with NIOSH exposure standards. Sampling services for the detection of molds are also available using high sensitivity detection of 17 target VOC?s given off by actively growing mold.

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