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Services provided by Bradfield Environmental Services, Inc. include developing cost-effective ground water resources, conducting professional environmental site assessments (ESA), and air quality studies. Our infrared inspections ensure buildings are built to specifications and will identify loose electrical connections, moisture intrusion, and leaky building envelopes before they become costly problems. Infrared inspection windows greatly increase safety by reducing arc flash hazards. Regular infrared inspections should be a part of any effective Preventative Maintainence Program (PdM) along with vibration analysis, motor current tests, lubricant analysis, and laser alignment.

We provide complete Formation Thermal Conductivity testing services and install ground water wells and HDPE u-bend heat exchanger loops for Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems. Geothermal systems are a great investment, especially for new construction. The addional cost adds a small amount to the mortgage payment that is immedaily off set by lower monthly utility bills. Retrofits also provide for a rapid return on investment (ROI) by taking advantage of significant tax inventives and lower maintenance costs.


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